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Package monitoring in the chain



Why Cold Chain Monitoring

Often the condition of your perishable product, such as vegetables, fruit, meat or medicines, is only measure in the truck or van. If there is damage to the product then you still do not know where it went wrong. You can place a logger with your product that you can read out afterwards, but you are too late to prevent problems and your perishable products are already affected or in the worst case completely unusable. The customers do not have their products at the right time and this creates an unpleasant situation concerning liability. With Cold Chain Monitoring you measure your product in real time and continuously throughout the transport chain. If the conditions in the transport chain deviate from the set limits, you will receive alarms on mobile devices, tablets or PCs. This allows you as an organization to prevent damage.

Advantages and options:

  • Measure the temperature, humidity and vibration of the product in real-time
  • Use the information to improve transport and the quality of the product
  • Avoid spoiling food and medicines and damage to vibration-sensitive products
  • Avoid a legal conflict with partners and dissatisfied end customers
  • View as a customer, transporter or insurer whether products have been transported correctly
  • Make track and trace possible for the end user


  • The complete solution is installed on site and delivered in working order
  • The cloud platform is activated and configured
  • Operating instructions are included
  • The dashboard is installed on a device (or multiple devices) of your choice
  •  Software updates are included
  • There is a two-year warranty on the hardware

How does it work?

The mobile sensors that measure the conditions of your product are in a small box. This box is placed with your product and measures the conditions throughout the transport chain. It is wirelessly connected to the cloud platform. In the cloud, the measured data is stored and processed into usable information. You can read your mobile device or PC via an online dashboard. You can also set the limits at which alarms and notifications come into effect.

For a demo or for more information you can contact:

Khurram Iqbal Sheikh

European Partner Manager


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