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Creating value for our partners and customers is what we do at ALSO every day in 15 countries. With products, solutions and services. In a world that is rapidly changing due to technology, the need for a partner such as ALSO is great. Because we are the central link that brings everything together under one roof, connects the right parties and adds a lot of our own knowledge.

This also applies to the Internet of Things (IoT). We help our partners and, through them, the business users to exploit the enormous potential of IoT. The number of devices connected to the Internet is growing exponentially every year. According to various studies, there will be more than 30 billion by 2020. According to research by McKinsey, the total IoT market in 2025 will have a value of 3 to 6 trillion(!) dollars.




Options for every company

IoT makes companies important within their sector and connects them in the chain. It is a misunderstanding to think that it is only reserved for large multinationals with billions in revenue. IoT offers options for every company. From reliable maintenance to a better understanding of the company’s performance and customer behavior, from more efficiency to insight into the quality of products or the living environment and from creating a unique customer experience to new service and revenue models.

IoT solutions

But because IoT is so all-encompassing, a central link is needed. That place is ALSO. We offer ready-made and complete IoT solutions through our resellers. Including associated services such as advice, a cost-benefit analysis, installation, configuration and maintenance. But you can also contact us for hardware (including gateways and sensors), software, cloud management and connectivity.

Specialized IoT team

We can help companies be ready for the future thanks to IoT. With a specialized IoT team and a wide range of specific IoT products and services, we at ALSO have a role that we are perfectly suited for. In cooperation with suppliers and with our partners, we are the specialist that can help companies in any sector exploit the potential of IoT.

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